MMD – Mini Mobile Data : Soeb Uzumaki (Soebish)

By | March 5, 2017

MMD (Mini Mobile Data) is a portable application as an alternate of modem’s default application,  so the user feel easy to use it because you don’t need to install this apllication first. The function of this application is quite a lot and some of them are moving signal edge to 3G, the signal quality which precise and accurate, showing the data transfer speed, changes APN if you need it, accessing sim card services such as check balances, auto-dial if the connection is lost and many more.




  • Suport Device : Huawei, Sierra, ProLink, ZTE
  • Dialler
  • Traffich Graph
  • Unlock Modem
  • USSD
  • Device Info
  • SMS
  • Routing
  • Auto Route
  • Auto Reconnect
  • Display MCC, MNC, LAC, CELL ID
  • Skin and New GUI


1. For those who want to use a proxy that different with included in this tool, please write your proxy in auto route column
2. Please Wait approximately 5-10 seconds if QOS is not appear.
3. Press the Refresh button if some of Diagnostics Info doesn’t appear
4. To change the position of Programs, click and hold on Signal bar section.
5. If you want to activate Minimize, Minimize to Tray and Close feature, please right click on Signal Bar section
6. For those who want to change the color of Traffic Graph, click the letter “D” and “U”
7. For those who want to unlock your modem, click the direction of the arrow in lower right corner to open the modem Unlock tab, and then click the padlock icon. How to unlock?
• Click Get IMEI button
• Click the Get Code
• Click the Unlock button, wait until the process is complete. If your unlock process is success go to Diagnostics Tab, click the Detect Device button or Refresh
8. If MMD unable to detect your modem, you should set on your device Name column section like this:
Unknown (COM36)
The letter “U” should be capitalized. “COM36” is Port of your modem. Ypu should go to device manager first, to know your modem’s port. Then press Set
9. Don’t forget to run as admin when you open this program


About MMD:

1. MMD X also can show your modem’s temperature. But works for some device only.


2. MMD X can show your download speed, upload speed, and also total of your connection. You can simply monitor your connection with this application


3. You can see your stability when you are in download process or upload process. Just turn this feature on the dialer menu by checklist it to show your graph and uncheck it to turn off this feature


4. On USSD menu, there are some dials that have been planted in the program (works in Indonesia only), making it easier for users especially for Indonesian. Just select which one that you want to dial and then click send

5. MMD-X is equipped with Skin. You can change the appearance with colors and different skins, depending on with your taste. Go to about, and then press change skin button

15. If you want to use MMD, there’s one more thing that must be considered. Make sure the built-in application such as mobile partner (Huawei) has been closed before running MMD. You can’t running it together, because there’s a port that can used by one application only. In addition, you must first create a profile dial up connection.


Download Link:
Bellow is the download Link for MMD:
MMD X (Return)
or you can try older version of MMD :
MMD V1-4 Beta Version


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