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By | March 4, 2017

Sock to tap V3 include into mikodemos project. Many applications that have similar function and system like sock to tap. One of them is tun2sock. Both applications require tap adapters.  So, when you are running this program for the first time, Sock to tap will need your approval to add tap adapter in your PC. The other requirement to run this application is you should allow firewall network to tap adapters, and Run the program as an admin, because sock to tap requires admin access when this program running IP routing process and port forwarding.



Sock to tap v3 is a tool that is very light and small to switch the default internet connection, especially for socks connection (SSH). This application has the same function with VPN. However, the connectivity which used by Socktotap using Socks taken from SSH port setting. SSH users usually use this program as an alternate of proxifier. Sock to tap is different from proxifier from the ways of working, but the function is same. ProxIfier only redirects a network that is set by the user. But if you used sock to tap, you didn’t have to set before. So the system connection is automatically entered into sock network. This tool can also be used to playing online games and for anti-virus updates. Make sure your SSH is support UDP Protocol first, if you want to use this tool.



Sock: listen port from active sock forwarder
Proxy: a proxy used to route connections, (proxy server)
DNS: an option to transfer the DNS of the Internet connection to tap connection adapter.

That’s all some information about sock to tap.
To see how to use this program, click here

And you can download this program here. You can Read the readme if this file need a password.

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      sudah coba lihat di file winrarnya? ada kok disana. 🙂

        1. admin Post author

          mungkin anda lelah,.
          cobalah belajar lagi dengan memanfaatkan fitur yang ada di winrar.
          Bukti password ada di file winrarnya
          Lihatlah di sisi sebelah kanan. Jika anda bisa membaca, maka anda akan menemukannya.
          Semoga anda tidak buta dengan perkataan dan komen anda sebelumnya. 😉


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