[G] SSL Tunnel V-1.0

By | August 6, 2020

Hello guys hello, on this occasion we will share an application that we think will be very useful for all of you. What is the tool, what is the application? Yes, this application is called [G] SSL Tunnel.

This application is a combination of several systems, namely the system from the injectors and also the Tunneling system that has been directly combined with the forwarder.
This is an application that is still in the development phase meaning this is the first time being published in the future we will develop this application so that it can be used more in all computer devices. We hope this application will be useful, we have tried so that this application can be used easily even by ordinary people. Okay Let’s get into the inside of this application, this application as previously explained has an injection system, but injection here is only SSL mode with several types and options for connection mode.

Screenshot Tool:


  • 7 option Mode SSL/TLS
  • Extend active tool by key
  • Hide/Minize to try
  • Can be use For all Server
  • With upload/download rate
  • Realtime grafik
  • Autoload cfg
  • with SSH tunnel builtin
  • with forwarder system inside

In the SSH tunneling section you are only allowed by default to use one login on the connection so the settings in there are the settings for SSH host info for the port of the SSH input for the user and also the password for the SSH account. After you input the account data that will be used, you can go down again to the forwarder section. in the hands of the forwarder you will be presented with four forwarding options provided by the four systems.
simply some forwarders can be described as follows. Global production, which is forwarding your connection to the production system or internet settings in the proxy section, usually applies to Windows only and according to the experiment can run normally on Windows 7 or Windows 10.
then for the third description of the others is through the proxifier you can search on Google where here we provide two options, namely through the system or according to the installation or portable which is the default of this application. then for the latter, people are only limited to proxies, namely the socks5 proxy.
Okay I think it’s for the description of the tool.
the most important thing about this tool before you use it is You have to run this program as administrator. then after the program opens for the first time you have to fill in the login code can be found on the fanpage page via a message to globalssh Facebook. then if SSH has done then please do the settings for the spoof host input section and also the method that will be used in the injection when using proxy mode then you have to do the settings in the proxy section via Right Click on the black panel on the front page. Right click then proxy setting or proxy set. If everything is done then you can try it by saving first then start the system to see if it can be connected or not.

We’re sorry, all of our tools which available on this site, have to use a password rar or HWID Key.  We have a purpose why we have to do this.  It does because, we don’t want this inject being reupload on another site. If you want to know for virus scan result you can go here and check the program.

How to get the password or HWID key for login?

If you want to know about the password or HWID key of this inject, you can contact us via facebook message to this account: fb.me/globalssh. We have to say sorry if we can’t reply your message shortly after your message sent to us.  We can’t online in facebook for 24 hours of course.  But, we promise we’ll reply all of the message which sent to us.

Below are the download link for this tool:

if link error or not found you can contact us on globalssh Facebook pages. 🙂

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