[G] Tunnel V-5.2

By | May 6, 2017


  •  Type of tunneling mode: Bitvise and Plink

[G] Tunnel V-5.2 is an SSH tunneling application or SSH Launcher with two kinds of tunneling. There are Bitvise and Plink. Plink log and Bitvise log will be displayed in the application. You can found it at the panel in the Home. Normally, you have to see Bitvise log in white clouds that shown in the taskbar, but in this application you didn’t need to do that. You just need to see it on the Log Panel

  • Different login mode

[G] Tunnel V-5.2 up to 2 Login. That means, these applications can be used for SSH login or SSH tunneling up to 2 login with one username and password (multi login in one device). Multi login can be used in the launcher plink or Bitvise, but the success or failure multi login also depends on the SSH server settings.

  • Kinds of forwarder connection

   – Portable Proxifier

For those who doesn’t install Proxifier on your PC, you should choose this forwarder

   – System Proxifier

Proxifier System is intended for those who prefer a private setting. Of course, you should install Proxifier on your PC first, if you want to choose this option

           – Port 1080

Port 1080 is intended for those who like to use tun2sock / sock2tap. By combining it with tun2sock application / sock to tap the forwarder will work like a VPN.

    – Tun2Sock

This setting wil use tunsok / socktotap to forward your connection (recomended for gaming, wifi share, or any update on your machine)

  • Auto load on Startup

[G] Tunnel V-5.2 has Auto load feature. When you open this tunnel, you didn’t need to fill SSH account again. Of course you should save your setting into default first when you want to use this feature

  • Load

You can load your SSH config which you have been saved before

  • Save as Default

By clicking Save, your account will be saved as default setting

  • Save As

Save as used to save an account with a specific name, so you can store your backup account which different with your default setting

  • Hide to tray

This tool also support hide to tray feature










  • SSH Configuration:

Host: fill with host or ip which you obtained from the SSH Provider

Port: fill your SSH port (22, 443, 143, 80, etc)

Username SSH: fill it with your username

Password: fill it with your password (double click to see your password)

  • Proxy Setting:

Use upstream proxy: If you choose to check it, that means you want to use the proxy settings. But if you choose to uncheck it, that means you didn’t want to use a proxy or usually we called it with direct connection by SSH port.

Proxy: fill it with the proxy. You can fill it with or just type localhost Port. You Fill it with listen port of inject that you used or another proxy server.

  • Operation:

Start: to start this tunnel according to your settings

Stop: to stop all processes that have been running

Load: load your config that you have been saved

Save: to save the settings. It also means that you make your current setting into default

Save as: save your another account which different with your default setting

Hide: hide to tray

Exit: quit from this tool

  • Progressing Log :

Log “6001 Connected” means ssh forwarding successfully connected on port 6001.

Log “6002 Connected” means ssh forwarding successfully connected on port 6002.

Log “1080 Connected” means ssh forwarding successfully connected on port 1080.

Log “……… Auth Failed” means there is an error in the user or password. Check again your username and password. Expired account may cause that log shown.

Log “……… .Denied” mean ssh failed to connect.


  • Additional Fiture:

   1 Route Your Proxy

   2 Plink Log Detail

   3 Radio Streaming

   4 Instal and Remove Tap Adapter

   All Additional Fiture can be found in Home Tab –> Log Panel –> Right Click

Download Link:


If you need the password, you can find here.

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          G tunnel hanyalah aplikasi tunnel SSH, jadi asalkan Server SSHnya sudah disetting Stunnel Over SSH (SSL) tidak masalah.
          Bisa digabungkan dengan [G] SSl injector jika membutuhkan koneksi SSL via host Spoof.:)

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