[G] Chain Forwarder V-1.1

By | February 9, 2018

This tool is equipped with specific tutorials for use.  Our tool has been tested before.  We are sorry if there are no successful use of our tools. We just want to share. There is no risk of using tools from us, but if anything, the risk is only a matter of success or not success of his course using our tools.

When you are finished extracting this file, please read our notepad first (readme.txt).  You can found important information about this inject in our notepad.  So, don’t forget to read our notepad first which included in this file. When you open this program, please see the tutor. It may help you when you want to use this.

This program is named [G] Chain Forwarder. Why is it named like that? Maybe some of you have experienced something like this. usually this happens to you user vpn / SSH connection. We need a stable connection, at least our connection when DC will quickly connect directly. Well this is where the role of this tool, this tool will combine multiple ports of your connection (* active) into one output port, an then this output port that you need to use for your connection.

 Course Description:
– Name: [G] Chain Forwarder
– Version: 1.1
– Publisher : GlobalSSH



– Save
– Add / Delete list
– Auto Load on start App
– Show / Hide system
– Input – output port can be set manual
– Forwarding Multi port in input to specific Port

How to use?
There is already a tutor menu that you can learn in the program. Just follow the guides that are there, then you will be helped. If there are still difficulties, or have other questions you can discuss in the group, or through comments below this post.

We’re sorry, if all of our tools which available on this site, have to use a password rar or HWID.  We have a purpose why we have to do this.  It does because, we don’t want this inject being reupload on another site. Virustotal for this tool can be see here.

Below are the download link for this tool:

[G] Chain Forwarder V-1.1.zip

Mirror Link:

[G] Chain Forwarder V-1.1.zip

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