How to use [G] Luna Injector V-1.1 and [G] Tunnel V-5.1

By | March 3, 2017

As you may know, we have released [G] Luna Injector V-1.1 and [G] Tunnel V-5.1 before. Now, we will give you tutorial how to use those tools.  And here it is:

1..Open [G] Luna Injector V-1.1.exe

2.  On tab Injek, choose your host. There is a column above host. You can change it with another proxy or squid proxy. Check or uncheck route is optional. After you are finished all that we mentioned before, then click START



3. Open [G] Tunnel V-5.1

4. On the tab Home, you should choose your setting first. In tunnel mode, select plink or bitvise. In login mode, choose how much login that you want to apply with your account. Finally, in Forwarder Connection, choose between Proxifier Portable, Proxifier Systems, or Port 1080. What’s the difference?

Proxifier Portable

– For those who doesn’t install Proxifier on your PC, you should choose this forwarder

Proxifier Systems

– Proxifier System is intended for those who prefer a private setting. Of course, you should install Proxifier on your PC first, if you want to choose this option

Port 1080

– Port 1080 is intended for those who like to use tun2sock / sock2tap. By combining it with tun2sock application / sock to tap the forwarder will work like a VPN.

  1. Now, open tab SSH Setting. Fill all of setting

Host: fill with host or ip which you obtained from the SSH Provider

Port: fill your SSH port (22, 443, 143, 80, etc)

Username SSH: fill it with your username

Password: fill it with your password (double click to see your password)

  1. If you use this tunnel with our inject, you shouldn’t change anything in upstream proxy. It’s because our injector listen port is always 100.
  2. Save your setting first,, so you didn’t need to fill the setting again when you reopened this tunnel
  3. Click Start

  1. Done

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