The Password of HNH V4 – XL Jabar Config by GlobalSSH

By | February 13, 2017

For now, we will explain more about GlobalSSH. Actually,  GlobalSSH not only have a site on We also have a blog at What’s the difference?  In GlobalSSH site,  we just share SSH, VPN, SQUID and our Tool (HTTP Net Header) without the tutorial how to create account, how to use the tool, etc. But in this blog we share it. We share tutorial or tips which related with GlobalSSH site, how to use our tool or config that we share, or anything which related with internet free.

As you read above, the title of this post is “Password of HNH V4 – XL Jabar Config by GlobalSSH” .
It’s mean this post contain password for those config. So, where you can found the password?

You can found the password on this post of course. But the location of our password exactly, that’s you have to see carefully. It’s not difficult actually, because we will give you the hint of our password location. First, you have to find some texts that we give Bold pattern. Do you understand? Remember, we will share password in random position of this page. But we give signal by giving bold pattern on the texts.

When you search the password from us, whether is tool or config, you must click the title which relevant with the name of the file. It will be easier to find the password when you remember what is the name of your file that need a password, such as [email protected]

If you found that our tool or config did not working properly, you can contact us in here . We’re sorry, all of our tools and config which provided on this site must use password  or sometimes we have to use HWID.   We did it to avoid reupload or reshare tools and config from GlobalSSH.

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