Offline NIK – KK Generator ? ID Generator? For PC?

By | December 3, 2018

Offline NIK – KK Generator/ID Generator for PC for now is on V-1.2. You can generate until found correct combination.

NIK consists of 16 digits. The NIK compilation code consists of the initial 2 digits constituting a provincial code, 2 digits thereafter a city / regency code, 2 digits after the sub-district code, the next 6 digits is the birth date in hhbbtt format (for women plus 40), then the last 4 digits are numbers sequence starting from 0001. For example, suppose a woman was born in the city of Bandung on August 17, 1990, her NIK is: 10 50 24 170890 0001. If there is another person (female) with the same domicile and date of birth, then NIK it is 10 50 24 570890 0002. If there is another person (male) with the same domicile and date of birth, then the NIK is 10 50 24 170890 0001.

KK for residents mixed with Indonesian Citizens and Foreign Citizens with Family Heads of Indonesian Citizens issued by Dinas, signed by the Head of Service electronically with SIAK and processed by the Office. KK contains information about the column number of KK, full name of head of family and family member, NIK, gender, address, place of birth, date of birth, religion, education, employment, marital status, family status, citizenship, immigration documents, person’s name old. Information regarding the religious column for Residents whose religion has not been recognized as a religion based on the provisions of the Laws or for trustees is not filled, but is still served and recorded in the Population Database. The KK number is given by the Government and issued by the Service after the biodata of the Family Head is recorded in the population database using SIAK.

There are screenshot for the tool :


Feature: export to *.txt for the iD which has been generated before.

How to register ?

    – Indosat, Smartfren, Tri
    NIK # NumberKK #
    – XL Axiata
    DAFTAR# NIK # KK Number
    – Telkomsel (Halo Card, Simpati, AS Card)
    Reg (space) NIK # NumberKK #
    After that, if you have finished typing the format above, send an SMS to number 4444.
    – Indosat, Smartfren, and Tri
    ULANG# NIK # NumberKK #
    – XL Axiata
    ULANG# NIK # Number KK
    – Telkomsel (Halo Card, Simpati, AS Card)
    ULANG (space) NIK # NumberKK #
    Next, send an SMS to number 4444.

*NoTE: we didn’t share this tool.
Why? mybe if we share this tool it can cause some problem on administration and other. So to stay our company save we just use it on internal purpose. Not For Public. 🙂


we are sorry.

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