How to Use [G] Injector with Bitvise and Proxifier – Part1 (Mode Kejut)

By | March 15, 2017

In previous article, we have already learned about bitvise and proxifier. So, it’s time for us to learn more how to use both of applications that I said before. We divide how to connect SSH wit Bitvise in 2 way. There are Mode Kejut and Mode Non Kejut. You can see the difference below.

How to connect SSH with Bitvise  (Mode Kejut)
1.Open the [G] Injector, select the most suitable Host that work in your location, and then click “Start”.  You can download our injector in here.

Sett your proxy , choose your payload then start


2.Open Bitvise Profile, make sure that your Settings in the Proxy Settings section, reconnection option, and Socks forwarding are right, and then click “Login”. If you don’t have bitvise, you can download here.

fill with your SSH account

Sett your Upstream Proxy ( is your [G] Injector Listen Port)

Adjust your Reconnect Timer (“0” for fast reconnect, no delay)

Adjust your Socks Proxy and Port Forwarding (will be use on proxy setting proxifier)

Push Login button, and goes to next step

Log when not yet Connected

3.Open MMD. Make sure that your MMD Settings is right. If you don’t have MMD, you can download here

Press Connect when you have finished the settings on MMD

4.Connect MMD (Dial up Connection), wait until Bitvise -SSH connected to the port that you have been set before. If not connect then try again, by disconnect your modem, wait for a while (5-10 seconds) and then connect your MMD again. We called it with reconnect modem.

Log when Bitvise is Connected on Forwarder which have we sett before

5.Open Proxifier, make sure the settings are correct too (proxifier rules, proxy-server settings). You can download proxifier here.


Sett your Proxy server

Add your Proxy Server as same as your bitvise service Forwarding

Press Yes, and OK to set your proxy server as your default Connection

goes to proxification rules to see your default connection is sett corectly

you can choose by click on the dropdown combox (action), then press OK button

6.Done. You can try to browse anything now


See this Video Tutorial for more information:


See Also the part2 for:

How to connect SSH with Bitvise  (Mode Non Kejut) on another post.



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