FUP vs Limit

By | January 15, 2019

We may have heard the term FUP when reading the internet package terms and conditions, especially those that offer “unlimited” access.

FUP stands for Fair Usage Policy, or in Indonesian it is also called “Fair Usage Limit“. Yeah, this is the “limit” of unlimited internet packages imposed by internet service provider providers as a rule for customers. FUP is like a quota allotment with the maximum speed we can get from the package. And after the FUP limit has been exceeded, the internet speed will be lowered.

For example, there is an unlimited internet package that has a Monthly FUP of 10GB. That is, we only have a 10GB quota to be able to enjoy the internet at full speed, which is valid for one month. And if in one month we have used the internet for 10GB, then we will still be able to access the internet, only the speed will be lowered. That is, we are indeed allowed to access the internet without a quota limitation, only, the ration to enjoy the internet at full speed will be limited to 10GB. And usually, there will be an “add on” package that we can buy separately to be able to add the FUP quota, in one month.

Sometimes, there are also internet packages that apply daily FUP rules. For example, we buy a MONTHLY unlimited internet package with a 500MB DAILY FUP allocation. Well if in one day we have used the internet for 500MB, then the speed will be lowered. Internet speed will return to normal the next day, with the same quota of 500MB.

How about Limit?

Limit (without FUP) means that your internet connection will be terminated if your internet quota has run out. So you will not be able to access the internet at all.
have a quota of 1 GB per day, if 1 GB has been used that day it will not be able to be used again the same day. Have to wait until the next day to be used for internet again.


If it’s Limit => no longer connect (must wait for the next day).

If it’s FUP => Still connected but speed will be slower than usual (must wait for the next day).

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