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Tembak Paket Tri

This “Tembak Paket Tri” used to register Packages that are not available on the tri menu display but can be accessed through certain scripts can finally be registered and activated. Its also can be define as another way to buy packages that may not be available because the promo is END.  But this way can be die too. We do not store your number or password so it is safe to use.

Where you can found it on our web?

  1. Open
  2. Go to Tools on the top menu
  3. Choose Tembak Paket Tri


What should you prepare?

There are a few things to prepare:
1. Number
2. Password
3. Pulsa (if choose paid)
4. The package ID if it is not in the list provided on readyssh website

If you do not have a password you can request it via the password request feature. Enter your Tri Card Number with a prefix of 62 (not 0) .

How to Use?
1. Open
2. Fill MSISDN / No telp with your Tri card number (remember prefix not 08 but replace with 628)
3. Fill password (If you do not have a password you can request it via the password request feature. Enter your Tri  Card Number with a prefix of 62 (not 0) )
4. Select the package to be registered (if not in the list, and have its own ID can fill in the package ID section)
5. Click DOR button and wait for the response from the server
6. Usually there will be an incoming SMS in your tri card, so than that try your card is ON

Do not forget to always support us (click banner ads before press DOR buton for successful package to be registered)

good luck.. 🙂

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[G] Luna Injector V-2.1

This tool is equipped with specific tutorials which make your connection is unlimited.  Our tool has been tested before.  We are sorry if there are no successful use of our tools. We just want to share. There is no risk of using tools from us, but if anything, the risk is only a matter of success or not success of his course using our tools.

This tool designed for XL Simcard (Indonesian ISP).  This tool can work  on DIY and mybe also working on ALL Indonesian place. Just try it one by one which host that work in your location. This inject support for SSH, VPN, and Shadowsock. This tool support for Original proxy, squid proxy and no proxy.  If you Have Youtube Packet you can use this inject to change your youtube quota to normal quota.

 You can use this inject with another account from another SSH Provider.  🙂

When you are finished extracting this file, please read our notepad first (readme.txt).  You can found important information about this inject in our notepad.  So, don’t forget to read our notepad first which included in this file. When you open this inject, please see the tutorial tab. It may help you when you want to use this inject. Our default listen port is 100. But you can sett it with manually by right click –> listen Port setting.

Screenshot Tool:


We’re sorry, all of our tools which available on this site, have to use a password rar or HWID.  We have a purpose why we have to do this.  It does because, we don’t want this inject being reupload on another site. Virustotal for this tool can be see here.

How to get the password or HWID?
If you want to know about the password or HWID of this inject, you can contact us via facebook message to this account: We have to say sorry if we can’t reply your message shortly after your message sent to us.  We can’t online in facebook for 24 hours of course.  But, we promise we’ll reply all of the message which sent to us.

Below are the download link for this tool:

[G] Luna Injector (dropbox)

Mirror Link:

[G] Luna Injector (tustfile)